Linda Kusumawati
Dosen Pembimbing
Sri Gunawan, DBA.


Herocyn Medicated Powder sales over the last 5 years has been
declining, this phenomena happens because Herocyn Powder sales due to a target
or reward which be achieved by distributors so that at any one time Herocyn
Medicated Powder sales seemed increase but in a certain period of sales dropped
gradually. Another opinion about the decline in sales due Herocyn Powder is a
product with a long repurchase cycle, their competitors prickly heat powder which
has same segment, and as well as possible because of the marketing strategy is not
appropriate to Herocyn Powder. This will be an issue for the sustainability of PT.
Coronet Crown because Herocyn Powder is a backbone product. PT. Coronet
Crown began to realize that the consumer / end user is an important factor in
increasing sales in addition to wholesale Herocyn products, for which marketing
strategy began to focus on consumer behavior.
This study used a qualitative approach in early research and quantitative
research approaches that are tailored to the end of the issues to be discussed. The
researcher got the information directly from interviewing the consumer who had
used itching powder (depth interview method) in early research and
questionnaires on advanced research as a tool. The study then analyzed using
factor analysis technique, this method can link related factors and form a new
At the end of this research result eight factors that are considered by
consumers in choosing a prickly heat powder, namely: 1st factor is Product
Characteristic, 2nd factor is Brand Awareness, 3rd is factor Advertising and
Promotion, 4th factor is Product Variance, 5th factor is Functionality / Habit, 6th
factor is Trusted Group References, 7th factor is Basic Availability, and 8th factor
is Online Availability. Factor that has the highest level of importance is on the
first factor, namely Product Characteristic. Marketing strategy suggestion for PT.
Coronet Crown as a manufacturer Powder Herocyn is considered by three factors
that have interest rate / level of the highest importance in consumers sight, the
factors are Product Description, Advertising and Promotion and Brand
Keywords: Prickly Heat Powder, Herocyn Medicated, Customers Behavior,
Factor Analysis, Marketing Strategy

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