Mohammad Lutfi Anshor
Dosen Pembimbing
Dr. Windijarto, SE., MBA


Eggs are one type of nutritious food which is famous among the people. The
eggs produced by free-range poultry such as chickens, laying hens and ducks. the
average consumption of eggs and dairy for the Indonesian population of 19.7 grams
per person per day which is dominated by chicken eggs. The average consumption of
18.9 grams of chicken eggs which contributed 95.9 per cent of the average total
weight of eggs and dairy consumed by the population. Chicken eggs are visible
remains the most consumed in all age groups.
Prospects laying chicken farm in East Java, especially in Tulungagung for
the current excellent views of demand for eggs from the local region and outside the
region. The laying chicken farm owned by Mr. Mashudi are precisely located in the
village of Plosokandang, District Tulungagung Kedungwaru experiencing very high
demand for eggs but egg production capacity is still low. The plan to increase the
chicken population could not be performed because the land is being used now filled
with residential and boarding houses so that in the medium term and the long term
does not allow for the development of the chicken. Furthermore the price of land
around the chicken coop is now very expensive so the need to find a location that is
relatively cheaper and has good prospects in the long term.
This study used descriptive qualitative approach with case study method.
The process of data collection was done by interview. Data from interviews illustrate
the characteristics of a person, event or situation that is in the context of this study, the
data demand for eggs from the farm owned by Mr. Mashudi which illustrates the
increase in demand but limited production capacity of the egg so we need a strategy to
increase the production capacity of eggs by relocating business.
Dasil results of this study found that there are nine things that have influence sensitive
to sustainability chicken farm that is the smell of chicken manure, the fly population
increases, the condition of people around a ranch, disease, fluctuations in the price
and quality of feed, fluctuations in the price of eggs, natural factors and conditions
weather, sound and noise and safety. To reduce the effect of this sensitive and needs
to be done to mitigate the risk. Once inserted, the risk mitigation costs of laying hens
breeding business is still feasible to run with the requirements in normal conditions
reaches production target of 100% (84.977kg / yr), the price of eggs Rp 16,500 / kg
and average price of feed Rp 5,869 / kg.
Keywords: Relocating, Broiler Laying, Sensitivity Analysis

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