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Dr.Sri Hartini.,SE.,M.Si


Instant Noodle contributes 98 % of noodle market in Indonesia. World
Instant Noodles Association (WINA) also confirm that the consumption of instant
noodles of Indonesian continues increasing from year to year. The high
consumption of instant noodles made Indonesia as the second highest in instant
noodle consumption after China. . The growth of Middle and Affluent Class
(MAC) which is projected will continue rising in 2020 becomes 141 million
PT. Indofood, Tbk as a market leader in instant noodles, preceded by
PT. Mayora Indah who is targeting upper middle class by launching new varian of
premium instant noodles with premium packaging and original topping named
Bakmi Mewah, also launch new product which has the same product concept
named Indomie Real Meat to compete with Bakmi Mewah. Now, those two
products are competing tightly at the premium instant noodle market.
The purpose of this study is to compare the overall brand equity and it‟s
each dimensions, namely brand awareness, brand association, perceived quality,
and brand loyalty of Indomie Real Meat and Bakmi Mewah.
The findings suggest that there is a significant difference of brand equity
as well as it‟s brand awareness between Indomie Real Meat and Bakmi Mewah.
Indomie Real Meat has lower brand equity than Bakmi Mewah. But, only brand
awareness have significant differences. So, brand awareness should be a vocal
point of Indomie Real Meat to be at the same position with Bakmi Mewah.
Keywords : Brand equity, Brand awareness, Brand association, Perceived
Quality, Brand loyalty, Indomie Real Meat, Bakmi Mewah,Premium Instant Noodle

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