Mohammad Dhaafi
Dosen Pembimbing


The growth of Internet users followed by the appearance of several new business
models. In this model, customers are easily facilitated without having to come directly to
order. CV.PPK SBY is a company engaged in printing and digital printing in Surabaya. CV.PPK
SBY often receive complaints that the time order up to 4 hours, from order by telephone to
get bill recipts. However, when calculating the total time of each activity, the longest
outcome of the interview is 31 minutes 30 seconds, there is a time difference of nearly 3.5
hours. So that there are indications of waste in business processes that exist today.
How business processes at CV.PPK SBY now? Judging also from (1) waste as well as
receipt of orders via telephone capacity, (2) How to design a business process reengineering
in CV.PPK SBY is able to reduce the time a customer orders from the previous 4 hours to less
than 1 hour?
The study used a qualitative research, case study methods, with exploratory purposes.
The primary data obtained through direct observation and interviews Owners, Managers,
Customer Service, Cashier, and Operator E-mail File. Secondary data were obtained from
filing such order letter, email, organizational structure and job description. Step analysis: (1)
Identify the time of each activity and their waste (waiting time), (2) Identify the activity, will
be fixed on the critical factors most likely to be changed through a Failure Mode and Effects
Analysis (FMEA), (3) Having found the impact each failure mode of each activity are then
performed business process re-engineering processes, (4) To see the impact of re-engineering
in the future be simulated using the software Arena.
The result of re-engineering the business process is the removal of all waste waiting
time (waiting time), waste processing mistakenly (Processing Waste), waste unnecessary
movement (motion waste) which is in the business processes beforehand, increased ability to
process business serving customers in the first 127 orders to 391 orders, comply with the speed
of the previous owner of the average for 4 hours to an average of 9 minutes.
Keywords: Re-engineering, Business Process, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), Waste.

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