Dosen Pembimbing
Dra.Ec.Nuri Herachwati, M.Si.,M.Sc.


As a public service agency owned by the government of East Java
Province which giving social services to the community, Dr. Soetomo Hospital
are always required to upgrade its service quality. Dr. Soetomo Hospital makes
breakthrough to increase its organizational performance by implement Joint
Commission International (JCI). Dr.Soetomo Hospital conduct those preparation
for change by generate a patient savety culture, establishes its accreditation team
to conduct change programs, fulfill infrastructure standards, change patient flow
and operation procedure, etc to achieve its change. This qualitative study
assessing change factors of Dr. Soetomo Hospital based on DICE (Duration,
Integrity, Commitment, Effort). Key informan in this research are Hospital leader,
managers and staf whom all of them also conduct as accreditation team member.
This study generate a result that Dr. Soetomo Hospital not really concern about
hard factors on change, example duration factors, in this case review to the change
project do not going well yet. Integrity of team member not communicate
properly by hospital leader to all of team member. Commitment to successfully
conduct the change had came form hospital leader but not from several staf. Staf
effort to finish the change project is not the priority for successful change. This
study concludes that Dr. Soetomo Hospital is not ready to make a change to fulfil
accreditation standards. Based on those conclusion it can e suggested that Dr.
Soetomo Hospital conduct its organizational change based on four hard factors of
Keywords: Dr. Soetomo Hospital, Change Management, Hospital Accreditation,

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