Dosen Pembimbing
Dr.Praptini Yulianti,MSi


The business world which keeps growing, as evidenced by the increasing number of new businesses in a type of economic activity.Means that each company to more and more efficient and effective in any business. activityHad been more effectively and efficiently firm in every a department or division and all their activity, became more competitive the company in the business.Efficiency and the effectiveness of the company affected by many factors, some of them are the performance of human resources satisfaction of labor the commitment of the organization as employee performance.
The purpose of this research is to know the variable influence work satisfaction on the performance of employees , organizational commitment on the performance of employees , work satisfaction on the performance of them through ocb viability and commitment on the performance of them through as variable ocb intervening .Sample the population and this research is fixed all employees of PT BRI Cabang Bangkalan .Data collection method that is used is kuisioner and documentation. Sample the population and this research is still all employees of pt bri branch bangkalan as many as 65 employees
The analysis used statistical analysis is descriptive inferential and analysis .Descriptive analysis used to give a description of free and variable variable bound .Inferential used to know while free on variable variable influence bound .The results of testing the hypothesis of shows that work satisfaction effect on employee performance .Organizational commitment effect on employee performance , the work satisfaction of influential not directly through ocb employee performance , viability and the commitment of influential not directly to employees through ocb performance.
Key Words: work satisfaction , commitment organizational, OCB, employee performance

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