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Badri Munir Sukoco, SE.,MBA.,Ph.D


B2B is totally different than Business to Consumer (B2C). B2C is more often done in retail business and has a lower intention than B2B. B2B focuses more on sustainability for both supplier and customer by doing non standard services. A constant research and development is needed to grow and strengthen the relationship and even to gain the majority of the market. DHL Express is a customer oriented company that strategizes their services to become more of a B2B service that ensures long term relationship with their customers. One of the strategies is to grow a mutual, beneficial, close relationship with their top customers who contribute a majority portion of DHL’s revenue and shipment. Customers’ demands and needs changes over the time, this is an opportunity to reevaluate and develop CRM. What kind of CRM that DHL has to implement to ensure top customers loyalty?
The research method done for this thesis are PEST analysis, industry / 5 forces, SWOT analysis and followed by 5 diamond analysis. Data’s are collected from interviews and questioners spread throughout the company. The external population consists of 20 DHL Express Surabaya Branch’s top customers. Internal population consists managements, operations, and pricing and finance division.
Analysis results showed that DHL Express currently held the upper hand on courier services compare to other competitors. As a market leader in a fierce competition market, not just from other courier companies but also from freight forwarders, the industry still shows promising prospect and DHL Express must increase their market share by increasing their brand awareness for express and safe delivery service not just for the regular packages but includes the heavy weight cargo as well. The room of improvement is still open as the internal procedure for heavy weight shipment is still operated manually. A more systemized operation needed to be implemented to decrease the potential of human error as well as increase the lead time for the shipment approval which at the end meets the customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Key words :Customer Relationship Management (CRM), PEST, 5 forces, 5 diamond

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