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Dr.Praptini Yulianti, MSi


This study aims to know the implementation of developing an
organizational memory in PJI as a function of learning organization. PJI is a
NGO which focus to develop Indonesian youth skills and mentality to be
independent generation in the future. This study was developed in qualitative
research using case study and explanatory method. In order to get a valid
result, this study was conduct to all organization members which is consist of
19 people in PJI as respondents in preliminary research. This preliminary
research used learning NGO questionnaire, developed by Britton to know
profile plotting of learning organization in PJI. The result was developing an
organizational memory as the weakest function among eight key functions of
learning organization by Britton. Based on this result, the main research was
conduct. The main research results are: (1) PJI’s mechanism to record
employees learning in an up to date database and accessible is not optimum,
(2) resignation rule is stated in Standard Operating Procedur (SOP) and job
contract but some employees are not recognize that matter, and (3) PJI did not
have estimation budget to build an appropriate information system that cover
PJI’s needs as a learning organization.
Keywords: learning organization, organizational memory, information system,
and database.

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